LIFE is ART...

Life is Art, or Art is Life? Regardless, we think every living human being is an artist. Artwork expressions reflect the persona of an individual; it makes on-going LIFE more fulfilling. Sharing of the ever-changing artworks is a wonderful way to bring people together for world harmony.

Nature Gift Enchanted

There are 6 words and two unique features to describe Bigan Fanli’s Nature Artworks: natural, elegant, serene, wondrous, beautiful, intriguing, exclusive, and One-of-a-Kind. And you may add another feature the “hidden-value potential” because all his artworks are produced in limited-Editions.

The original “EnchantedBoardArtworks” are created by artist Bigan Fanli, on and off, in the last twenty-plus years, there are more than one thousand (1,000) original artworks altogether.

Also known as Nature's "EnchantedBoard Artworks"

The wooden solid one-piece, integrated “EnchantedBoard” Nature Artworks (naturally framed, and ready to hang) are the reproductions of the “Garden-delights Series” and others in Limited Editions.The original artwork is composed and digital-brush-painted one brushstroke at a time, to reveal the enchanted miracles of nature. The reproduction is Giclee printed on canvas to closely match the original image; it forms the essential part of the "EnchantedBoard Artwork".

Each “EnchantedBoard  Artwork” reproduction is limited to 100 - 500 copies worldwide.

The “EnchantedBoard Artwork” Limited Edition has 2 sizes available, and they are especially value-priced for all collectors. The Size of the Vertical Version is 16" x 24" x 3/4", and weight about 7 lbs. for shipping. The Horizontal Version is 24" x 19" x 3/4", and the shipping weight is about 9 lbs. (Now for a limited time the $29 Shipping and handling flat cost for USA and Canada is waived.)

“The enchanted artwork of nature is a gift of blessing that lasts eternally.” The unique “EnchantedBoard” is a collectible artwork of nature with blessings, and personalized greetings for all occasions (in most cases, the laser-engraved message in your selected Artworks are FREE, as the $37 production cost is now waived for a limited time).

Bigan Fanli’s Nature “EnchantedBoard Artworks” are your personal secret weapons for enjoying Nature and thoughtful gift-giving, and all about feel-good-fun. Ever-lasting, life-changing, good-luck nature Artworks are stimulating just for you and your loved one.

“Nature-Gift-Enchanted”Artworks for Thoughts

Generally speaking, the designs of Bigan Fanli's “Nature-Gift-Enchanted” Artworks include 4 elements: 1. the painted and composed picture of Mother Nature as much as his eyes and thoughts could perceive and capture at that split second. 2. The enchanted background of the Artwork supports the Picture and represents our intriguing planet Earth and the incomprehensive Universe. 3. The square frames are the result of the educated human perception for focus-viewing. 4. A Personalized Feel-good-fun laser-engraved message on the Artwork Frame to reflect the positive side of humanity.

“There are no winter blues in my home, it always feels  like spring with these wondrous paintings hanging in my house.”


CUSTOMIZED Nature-Gift-Enchanted Artworks are ALL about Feel-Good-Fun. Personalized "EnchantedBoard" Beats the Winter Blues and Any Boring Days You May Have...Now get a FREE 18-page Booklet about "Love-Life Radom Quotes" with Every Order. You'll find humor, positive attitudes, inspirations, fun, and intelligence from those amazing quotes from all cultures.

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