Garden Delights

The original “EnchantedBoard Artworks” are created by artist Bigan Fanli, on and off, in the last twenty-plus years, there are more than one thousand original artworks altogether. Each “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is reproduced by Giclee print on canvas and integrated on quality natural wood ¾” thick hardboard, protected by several coatings of nature-friendly gels for good look and durability.

The solid one-piece, integrated “EnchantedBoard” Nature Artworks are the reproductions of the “Garden-delights Series” and others in Limited Editions

“There are no winter blues in my home, it always feels  like spring with these wondrous Garden Artworks hanging in my house.”

There are two (2) sizes available, The Size of the Vertical/Portrait “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is 16” x 24” x ¾” (Shipping Weight is about 7 lbs), and the Size of the Horizontal/Landscape “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is 24” x 19” x ¾” (Shipping Weight is about 9 lbs,)


CUSTOMIZED Nature-Gift-Enchanted Artworks are ALL about Feel-Good-Fun. Personalized "EnchantedBoard" Beats the Winter Blues and Any Boring Days You May Have...Now get a FREE 18-page Booklet about "Love-Life Radom Quotes" with Every Order. You'll find humor, positive attitudes, inspirations, fun, and intelligence from those amazing quotes from all cultures.