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The original “EnchantedBoard Artworks” are created by artist Bigan Fanli, on and off, in the last twenty-plus years, there are more than one thousand original artworks altogether. Each “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is reproduced by Giclee print on canvas and integrated on a quality natural wood ¾” thick hardboard, protected by several coatings of nature-friendly gels for good look and durability.

There are two (2) sizes available, The Size of the Vertical/Portrait “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is 16” x 24” x ¾” (Shipping Weight is about 7 lbs), and the Size of the Horizontal/Landscape “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is 24” x 19” x ¾” (Shipping Weight is about 9 lbs,)

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CUSTOMIZED Nature-Gift-Enchanted Artworks are ALL about Feel-Good-Fun. Personalized "EnchantedBoard" Beats the Winter Blues and Any Boring Days You May Have...Now get a FREE 18-page Booklet about "Love-Life Radom Quotes" with Every Order. You'll find humor, positive attitudes, inspirations, fun, and intelligence from those amazing quotes from all cultures.

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