About Bigan Fanli - the Artist

About the Artist  (Bigan Fanli aka Herbert Lee)

NatureGiftEnchanted.com advocates common sense, innate human positive traits, and better understanding among earthlings through visual artwork-inspirations for a friendly-cooperatve-oriented and perpetually-peaceful world.

Bigan Fanli believes that our planet earth is a wondrous and hospitable home place for our eternal existence; however negative attitudes from some greedy leaderships and irresponsible governments around the world have put our planet life at the brink of self-destruction, there are no INSTANT solutions to achieve world harmony and perpetual peace. We need to STOP all the negative thoughts of self-destructing.

Without the hopes of everlasting peace and harmony among races and cultures, our continuing existence will be deeply discounted and life quality will suffer horrendously. Our children, grandchildren, and future generations are the biggest losers.

We, the masses can influence what our governments can do to bring world harmony and peace gradually to prevent serious future discords, sufferings, and calamity on earth by emphasizing the positive aspects of our rooted innate abilities of peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

We can Influence the people of our circle, one at a time, to magnify POSITIVE ATTITUDES through CARE and LOVEThe “EnchantedBoard Artwork” is created for this purpose to VISUALLY encourage and instill positive attitudes in life.

Using the “EnchantedBoard Artwork” as your own indoor nature decoration and as a gift and blessing for people you care and love. Bigan Fanli hopes that constant exposures to positive attitudes will bring love and happiness to humanity and eventually to world harmony and peace from the grassroots.

Bigan Fanli (Bigan Fanli Group Inc.) promotes world harmony, peace, and positive attitudes toward life through his Artworks. He voluntarily donates the profit part of his Artworks to any organizations for the betterment of humanity. 

(Any organizations interested in fundraising of any amounts, please email Bigan Fanli for the details.)



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